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Concertex Silicone Upholstery


What is Tekloom?

Tekloom is a high-performance fused textile. A woven textile is chemically bonded with the durable components of a coated fabric to create an innovative fused textile.

Is Tekloom a woven or coated fabric?

Is Tekloom a performance fabric?

How is Tekloom different from other Performance Fabrics?

Why is Tekloom not a finish?

Is Tekloom appropriate for high traffic applications?

What are the key characteristics of Tekloom?

Why is Tekloom Graffiti-Free®?

What is Graffiti-Free®?

How do you clean and care for Tekloom products?

What cleaners can I use on Tekloom?

Can Tekloom be disinfected?

Is Tekloom Environmentally Friendly?

What Environmental Testing Does Tekloom Pass?

What is TPE?

Is Tekloom impermeable to liquids?

Do I need a moisture barrier with Tekloom?

Does Tekloom contain PFC?

Where is Tekloom made?

Where can I purchase Tekloom?

Can I make custom designs and colors with Tekloom?

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