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Steven is a native New Yorker who grew up in Brooklyn and has lived in Long Beach for the past 15ish years.

His career has been spend in the design industry holding positions from Sales Representative to Vice President to President in a number of high profile companies.

This diverse background has trained him to work with designers on even the most complex projects and manage them from inception to completion.

Steven is an animal lover who has been known to have a diverse menagerie including dogs, cats, and exotic pets. Currently two parrots are part of the family.



Allison was exposed to the A&D industry from a young age.  Allison's father was the founder of a fabric company that was and continues to be a staple in the design industry.  It's no wonder that when allison hit the career world she went into the industry that was a part of her genetics.

The early part of Allison't career was spent working with various top leather companies. 

In 2018 Allison decided to utilize a lifetime of knowledge and the names of her twins (Everly and Asher) to create Everash Textiles.

 Shortly after we met Allison and it all just clicked.  Allison partnered with GoFed Group and put her expertise to work for our customers and vendors...and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Recently Allison made a big life change when she left the craziness of NY and left for Tennessee.  From Tennessee Allison continues to work with our customers and build deeper and deeper relationships.

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