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Concertex's New Idyllic Collection! 🌟 Check It Out!

Updated: May 11

Pause and look around you. The materials you can see, the colors and textures that adorn your outer world, are delicately intertwined with our inner sanctuaries. The Idyllic Collection is an ode to that inner landscape. Idyllic places are unique to each and every one of us, yet it is often others who bring us to our center of calm. The memory of laughter with a close friend. The particular embrace of a loved one. The smile of a partner amid stunning natural landscapes.

It is an invitation to enter a place of peace within, one of serenity and joy, calm and contentment; a precious moment reserved just for you. Each pattern in the Idyllic Collection is a canvas to hold space for yourself, to engage the senses, and to connect your outer and inner worlds naturally. A collection that believes our most important environment is the one we hold within.


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