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Unveil the Magic of Lumicor’s Celestial Collection

Welcome to a new era of design with Lumicor’s latest masterpiece – the Celestial Collection! Imagine your spaces adorned with the shimmering beauty of metallic and dichroic flecks, each piece encapsulated within our high-quality resin. This collection is not just about materials; it’s about bringing a touch of the cosmos into your interiors.

Why Celestial?

The Celestial Collection stands out for its dynamic and captivating elements. The metallic and dichroic flecks create a stunning, ever-changing play of light and color, adding depth and intrigue to any surface. Whether you’re designing for healthcare, hospitality, or retail environments, Celestial’s versatility makes it a perfect choice. It’s ideal for table tops, screens, partitions, and more, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

Versatile Applications

From sophisticated hotel lobbies to cutting-edge retail spaces, the Celestial Collection can be seamlessly integrated into various settings. In healthcare environments, it adds a soothing yet modern touch, while in hospitality, it enhances the ambiance with its luxurious appeal. Retail spaces benefit from its eye-catching design, drawing customers in and creating a memorable shopping experience.

Get Inspired and Get Started

But don’t just imagine it – experience it! We’re offering free samples so you can see the magic of Celestial up close. Feel the quality, see the brilliance, and envision the possibilities. Plus, as a special treat, we’ll send you a complimentary Lumicor coaster with your sample request, bringing a piece of the cosmos right to your desk.

Join the Design Revolution

Are you ready to elevate your designs to the stars? Click the button below to request your samples, schedule a presentation, or learn more about how the Celestial Collection can transform your projects. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and create spaces that are truly out of this world.


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