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NappaTile Tailored Duo

Concertex Curio Collection

Application : NappaTile

Covering : Breathable Polyurethane / Phthalate Free Vinyl

Padding : Polyester

Base : Magnesium Mineral Board

Flammability : ASTM E-84 Class A (Adhered)

NRC Rating : 0.25 (Canyon Padded) / 0.60 (Pebbled Padded)

Installation : 3M Peel & Stick

Scale 1 : 12”x24” Padded or Regular

An untouched wall is a blank canvas waiting to tell a story. The stitched embroidered tiles in our NappaTile Tailored collection were designed to give life to your walls. Through a seamless peel and stick application, these vegan leather tiles add elements of sophistication and style to what was once seen as a simple surface. Available in regular and padded in an acoustic covering (Pebbled) and full leather grain look (Canyon), NappaTile Tailored will provide a stunning accent to your space.

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