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Concertex Asteria

Application : Upholstery

Content : Face-100% Silicone, Inherently Graffiti-Free, Middle-100% Polyurethane

Backing : 100% Polyester

Width : 54"

Repeat : N/A

Abrasion : 200,000+ Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek)

Hydrolysis : 15+ weeks (ISO 1419)

Flammability : CA Bulletin 117-2013, UFAC/NFPA 260; IMO A652(16) 8.2

Cleaning : W/S, Bleach (10:1)

Environmental : DMF Free, PVC/Phthalates Free, No added FR/Anti-Bacterial

Complies with Healthier Hospitals & CAL 01350

Stars invite us to dream of a world outside our own, of infinite possibilities, of the true beauty that exists all around us. The two-tone speckled look of our Asteria silicone hybrid fabric invites us to dream from the comfort of our homes. Emulating the changing colors of the sky and named after a Grecian goddess who is soft yet strong, Asteria was designed to inspire. Sit with the stars, and you just might become one. Asteria is inherently graffiti-free, 200,000+ double rubs, and suitable for hightraffic interiors as well as cozy residential settings.

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