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Jubilee by Concertex





Application : Upholstery
Content : Face-100% Silicone, Inherently Graffiti-Free, Middle-100% Polyurethane
Backing: 100% Polyester
Width : 54"
Repeat : N/A
Abrasion : 200,000+ Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek)
Hydrolysis : 10+ weeks (ISO 1419)
Flammability : CA Bulletin 117-2013, UFAC/NFPA 260; IMO A652(16) 8.2
Cleaning : W, Bleach (4:1)
Environmental :DMF Free, PVC/Phthalate Free, No added FR/Anti-Bacterial
Complies with Healthier Hospitals & CAL 01350

What a joyous occasion with Jubilee! Created to mimic a beautiful bouclé texture, the digitally printed silicone hybrid product provides an extraordinary illusion. Jubilee is created using a unique technology, combining silicone on the topcoat, layered over a polyurethane base to produce a product that has outstanding durability and design. For added texture, Jubilee is transfer printed and then embossed, to provide product depth and dimension. Truly celebratory, the 54” upholstery boasts an abrasion resistance of over 200,000 double rubs and is inherently Graffiti-Free® for all high-traffic interiors. Offered in eight fantastic colorways, Jubilee joins the party in style.

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