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We all have our strengths.


My strength has been the ability to understand my client’s experience.

That understanding has led to a seamless partnership between my customer and me that has gone beyond that of a sales person and has allowed me instead to become a true team mate working toward the positive conclusion of every project. As special as this relationship with my clients has been the relationship was always limited. Throughout my career I was lucky enough to work as the leader of some prestigious companies in the interior design industry.


As a company leader at Blumenthal, Wolf-Gordon, Len-Tex and numerous other companies I gained a keen understanding of the design industry and learned how to be a problem solver and create a positive user experience. Unfortunately, being narrowly focused on one or two products is limiting. Being a true leader and true resource means that you are well versed in a number of materials and are able to work with customers regardless of the project or product.


GoFed Group has given me the ability to finally play the role I was meant to play. In creating GoFed Group I have put together a wonderful and diverse product offering. Not only do I have wallcovering and upholstery (my old friends) as part of my family of products but I have added ceilings, tile, rugs, leather, lighting and much more. For the first time in my career I have the ability to be the resource that I was always meant to be. For those that I have worked with, thank you for taking this amazing journey with me.

For those that I am just beginning to work with I look forward to becoming part of the team and working with you to create the results and experience you have been looking for.


 - Steve Goldfeder

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