Stacked Wood offers a range of decorative wall panels in an array of designs and textures. All of our products are the result of a meticulous, tightly controlled and streamlined mass production process. Browse our collections. Get inspired.

There’s no other material quite like wood. The handsome, complex effect created by its natural grain, warmth, and color only gets better with age. Wood is also the ultimate paradox: easy to work with but impossible to replicate. And isn’t that what every designer and architect is striving for? A way to leave their unique mark.

We can identify and extract the best features of any raw material, whether organic, plastic, or metal, and transform it into flawless decorative architectural products with their own unique flair.

We don’t just think about the intrinsic qualities of our products—we think about the impact they will have in a space. We play with the quality of the light and raw materials to bring warmth, richness, texture, and depth to your design.


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