Proform by Creative Flooring Concepts Inc. was incorporated in 1999. Prior to that time we represented several manufacturers and importers of traditional matting.....essentially squares and oblongs in an array of similar styles and colors. Their goal was always the same.....sell what we have in stock, sell it cheap, & deliver it quickly.

Not a terrible concept, but it's not how I buy for myself, and it's not the way we wanted to run our business.

We look at the entrances of Class A properties and we see design. Beautiful floors made of granite, terrazzo, & marble. Furnishings, lighting, and reception desks that have been created by people with artistic talent.....Yet the matting on the floor was just a badly implemented poor quality afterthought....despite the fact that this is one of the first impressions made on your guests, tenants, and associates....missing a wonderful opportunity to enhance the entry and reinforce your brand. Our goal is to help owners and managers create matting solutions that deliver the highest levels of safety and floor protection with design, quality materials, and layouts that meets the high standards that your facility deserves.

We collaborate with facility management to implement matting systems that meet all of your needs including layout, design, colors, sizing, storage, transport, & budget. Our best work is achieved with a CAD floor plan and photos of your lobby. We listen to what you want and we'll suggest and illustrate options on your floor plan and in photo renditions so that you can see exactly what can be achieved.

Once we have an approved floor plan and materials, we'll create an estimate. We continue to enjoy the process and take particular joy in exceeding the expectations of our clients. I thank you for taking the time to read our story and look forward to working with you on your project.

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