Monday Morning Mood Board – 04.15.19

Cheetahs are Strong, Powerful, Sleek and Graceful!

When in their natural habitat a Cheetah’s spots allow them to blend in.  Take a cheetah outside of their natural environment and they stand out boldly and proudly.  No matter their location, hidden in a tree or inspiring design, cheetahs are showstoppers.

This week, GoFed Group and LeadAndGold Design have curated and created designs that pay homage to this magnificent cat, bringing their strength and interest to your space. Proceed with caution: these patterns aren’t meant to blend in. A hand tufted carpet and textural wall tiles play with contrast and geometry.  Lead & Gold’s Gold Ombre Flame Mosaic takes a mono-chromatic approach for a restrained (but no less commanding) statement.

Stay tuned next week as we bring you more mood board inspirations



  • Gold-Ombre-Flame---Optimized
  • Skull---Optimized
  • Radi---Optimized
  • Zig-Zag---Optimized
  • MMM---04.15.19---Optimized

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