Why Silicone Upholstery?

Let’s face it. When it comes to upholstery materials there are tons of choices. Not only do designers have to select a vendor but also the best possible material for the project. So, why silicone and why Concertex?

For healthcare projects silicone is a uniquely suitable material. Silicone is inherently anti-microbial. This singular property makes it a wonderful choice for healthcare applications where germ resistant materials are needed. But wait, there’s more. Due to silicone’s chemically stable nature it is extraordinarily cleanable. Silicon upholstery can be cleaned with just about any cleaner (non-abrasive) including bleach. Finally, silicone is water repellent so it works well in applications where a moisture barrier fabric is needed. But what about other areas.

Although silicone is ideal for heath-care design work that is not the only suitable project for silicone. Of course, in many applications a woven fabric is desired so silicone will not be the choice however in addition to the properties above silicone is resistant to UV light, resistant to inks and can potentially have an abrasion resistance of 2,000,000 double rubs or more.

So, why Concertex silicone? Concertex has been a pioneer in silicone technology in the interiors industry. Concertex silicone has a luxurious feel and richness that is beyond the hand of other silicone upholstery materials. Also, Concertex has perfect the art of printing silicone. The result are patterns and colors that are bright, vibrant and invite people to come over and touch…so please do!

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