Above View Inc. is a favorite source for 2' x 2' artisan plaster ceiling tile. Choose from over 80 unique designs ranging from traditional, geometric and contemporary. Tiles can be painted and customized to complement any design concept.

Each Above View ceiling tile is an exquisitely executed design that drops into any standard 15/16 inch T-Bar grid system. We also produce tiles for 9/16 inch grid upon request. Above View plaster and glass fiber (GRG / GFRG) tiles outlast inferior fiberboard, plastic or vinyl alternatives, and neither sag nor warp. Our proprietary process produces a high quality product with special attention to maintaining definition of details and integrity of design. All tiles have a UL Class A fire rating and are easitly field cut for down lights, vents and sprinklers, without breakage.

We service both domestic and international markets with our made in the USA ceiling tiles. You can find Above View ceiling tiles in hotels, casinos, restaurants, governments buildings, stadiums and convention centers around the world. Our manufacturing facility is scalable to produce any size ceiling tile order.

ABOVE VIEW is moving into the 21st century adopting state of the art 3D scanning, computer modelling and 3D printing techniques to create custom molds for our customer’s unique design concepts and requirements.

Ceiling tiles by ABOVE VIEW let you move beyond the standard, boring mulch paper acoustical tiles to create interior environments as elegant and special as your business. Look up and let your dreams run free.




Some cool Above View Pictures

  • Pyramid 1
  • Pyramid 2
  • Hexagon Ceiling Tile
  • Hexagon Ceiling TileTL-0098-3T
  • 1530806564316
  • 1530806570185
  • 1530806597875
  • 1530806609667
  • 1530806633346
  • 1530806664578
  • 1530806688710
  • 1537382853968

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